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Is an Advertising Agency right for you?

Just two months into her job as YouSendIt‘s chief marketing officer, Sandra Vaughn launched an aggressive campaign to find an advertising agency for the secure file transfer service. The timing of this search is strategically based on the substantial growth the company saw in the last year and its hopes for future acceleration.   

“We are on a mission to be the category leader in our space and to do that and to get there fast, advertising is a key part of what we need to invest in,” Vaughn explained. “We’re looking for a very strong creative firm to take us to the next level that we can scale with over the next several years.”

Before beginning the search, a small company needs to think critically about what role an advertising would play into your business objectives. Whatever the reason—whether you’re planning for accelerated growth like YouSendIt, redesigning your brand, or branching into new territories—it should be fully formed before you first reach out to advertising agencies.

Working with an advertising agency, especially for the first time, should not be an impulse decision. When Hilton Worldwide began a search for a new advertising agency, it planned for a rigorous preparation process. “They way people should think about this is that they’re picking a strategic partner that will be an extension of their team for the next several years,” says Nancy Deck, vice president of multi-brand and loyalty marketing for Hilton Worldwide.

“Preparation is critically important,” says Finneran. “If it’s not done thoroughly and honestly, the search is going to end up in a misfire.”

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The benefits of joining our group of local and international clients are in the guaranteed creative services and financial values. We build solid relationships with our clients.

Building trust. Trust is the biggest factor or focus of our relationship with a client. Establishing trust helps our clients to get the best out of our agency. We become part of your team, integrating our agency into your systems.

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