SARACCA speaks to championing safety as one of their standards in maintaining quality Refrigeration and Air Conditioning for all.

The South African Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contractors Association, commonly known as SARACCA champions safety as one of their pillars which are paramount in upholding their standards. The aim of members is to continually strive to improve the image, competency and standards of the industry and the Association provides a forum for this purpose.

SARACCA is an association of contractors who have individually and jointly agreed to a set of governing standards whilst operating in free competition against each other. The association acknowledges the importance of safety as it pertains to air conditioning and refrigeration as they are two features which are a necessity to many a household, office, restaurant and other spaces.

The need and pervasiveness of air conditioning as a comfort requirement and refrigeration for food preservation in the modern world means that the repercussions of bad maintenance will have dire and far-reaching circumstances. A large proportion of food produce is lost between the fields and the dinner table due to no or poor 


Barney Richardson serves as Director of SARACCA and cautioned members with the importance of adequate training when installing refrigeration and air conditioning equipment using refrigerants.

 “SARACCA urges all installers and repair practitioners working with refrigerants to be adequately trained and competent in the Safe Handling of Refrigerants and be registered with SAQCC Gas to ensure safety. Staff should always wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as well.”

When speaking to maintenance of air conditioners he stated, “Air conditioners regardless of size or type must always be maintained in good condition and serviced regularly by a registered practitioner.” To find out more about SARACCA safety standards visit