The Reliability of LNG Supply in South Africa

There are two key considerations when moving away from coal-powered energy. Firstly, what is the safety track record of the alternatives, and secondly can these alternatives reduce supply risk?

Switching from coal is not just about the environment. Commercial and mining interests cannot afford to move to an alternative energy source that in the long run cannot guarantee continuous supply or compromised delivery through domestic unrest.

Alternatives – Is the Grass Greener?

Ideally, alternatives should tick all the boxes, and this has contributed to a slow uptake in moving away from coal-powered energy and essentially moving off-grid. There is a lot at stake, very little localised data, coupled with the variety on offer industrial and mining clients have long considered the switch with little or no commitment.

To drive the move away from coal-powered energy, companies like LNG Hub have introduced a consultancy service, offering potential industrial and mining companies the opportunity to carefully plan the switch to an environmentally suitable energy mix. LNG Hub provides Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) to a variety of industries using 3 key onsite solutions coupled with consistent supply (sourced locally) essentially ticking all the boxes with minimised risk. 

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