Virtual Pipelines transporting Natural Gas

Natural gas is no longer limited by pipelines and location, Natural Gas can be delivered right to your door. In South Africa, CNG Holdings has introduced a simple and reliable way to access Compressed Natural Gas through the Virtual Gas Network; allowing access to gas by road delivery.

Physical pipelines are no longer needed between the source and users, the Virtual Gas Network has replicated the flow of physical pipelines and reached beyond where the geographically limited pipeline can reach. The Virtual Gas Network is not bound by route or infrastructure, allowing Natural Gas to be supplied and delivered to diverse areas effortlessly.

How does the Virtual ‘pipeline’ work?

The Virtual Gas Network starts with the Natural Gas being processed and compressed at CNG Holdings’ mother station and then transported to the desiredlocation for the end-user to use via road.

Through this innovative modular road transport system, the Virtual Gas Network can safely and economically transport Natural Gas to refuelling stations, gas distributions networks, industries, power generation systems, as well as to customers who are not on an existing pipeline.

CNG Holdings’ Virtual Gas Network is a system that is reliable and economically sound, where we might face power outages, energy source price spikes and other complications; CNG (compressed natural gas) is delivered as frequently as required and in the desired quantity, giving you control of your power generation and fuel utilization.

The freedom from electricity and petrol

Natural Gas can be used for various applications ranging from manufacturing to mining, and using Natural gas saves you from the prices of electricity and petrol, as Natural Gas has a stable cost and supply.

Load-shedding is too common in South Africa, and we need innovative solutions to our energy problems; Natural Gas can help decrease the downtown for many businesses, and help increase the productivity and profitability of businesses and industries.

Using Natural Gas as a source of power and fuel (or as an alternative to your primary source of energy) can save time and money in power generation and energy usage.

For the same amount of heat, Natural Gas emits 30% less carbon dioxide than burning oil and 45% less carbon dioxide than burning coal.

The tailor-made power solution

Businesses and industries of various sizes can benefit from the Virtual Gas Network and using CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). The Virtual ‘pipeline’ can be used and tailored for individual power and fuel needs – gas consumed can be specified and delivered as per demand, and this tailored solution works for all industries power and energy requirements.

Tried and test worldwide

South Africa is catching up to the rest of the world, and using methods tried and tested in other countries with growing economies, such as The United States of America, European Union and Russia – who all make use of the idea of the virtual pipeline to conveniently circulate Natural Gas across their countries and industries.

Smaller countries and economies that have lacked the infrastructure for physical pipelines, and have insufficient energy demands to justify the development of commercial Natural Gas infrastructure have also adopted the virtual system of transporting Natural Gas affordably and efficiently. South Africa’s economy and size makes the usage of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and the utilisation of the Virtual Gas Network vital for our power generation, fuel and energy requirements.

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